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Social Media Marketing

 Utilize our social media marketing services to create a platform to build brand awareness, express your core values, and build authority in your niche.

Your potential customers are on social media. 

Interacting with consumers on social media is an important marketing strategy for your small business. Seven out of ten Americans use social media at least once per day to connect and engage with online content.

It’s a great place for your company to be. Social media provides a platform to build brand awareness, express your core values, and build authority in your niche.

It also provides a way to connect directly with consumers. What do they want? What do they need?

It’s not just about gaining a bunch of followers on your social media page, but about truly engaging with your audience.

When you do social media marketing right, it’s easy to keep your business top of mind. It helps build that know, like and trust factor that turns fans into customers.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Proper social media strategy makes all the difference. Are you encouraging engagement from your audience? Do you respond to comments and questions? Are you posting to your page consistently?

Social media marketing is a great way to build awareness of your brand and business and build a loyal group of customers that will continue to support your business.

Social media marketing strategy often includes paid advertising that allows for precise targeting of potential customers. It’s a great way to share about your products and services and generate new leads.

Social media management can be time consuming, and definitely more so if you’re doing it all on your own! You have better things to do… like run your business.

Social Media Management Services

That’s where top of mind design comes in. As a digital marketing company in Denver with 15+ years of experience, we help small businesses use social media advertising to:

  • Increase online exposure, leads and sales.
  • Become known as an authority in your field.
  • And gain time back to run your business and serve your clientele.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how important it is for your business to consistently gain exposure, since this impacts the livelihood of you and your family.

When your business stays top of mind, you’ll reach more people, change more lives, and make more money.

We’re here to help pass along the keys of success to your social media profiles.

We can help with paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

We offer the following social media marketing services:

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Social Media Posts

We help with social media posts designed with your business goals in mind so that you attract the right people to you page and to your website.

Graphics and Stock Photos

 Graphics and stock photos that are in line with your brand and messaging that inspire, educate and entertain your audience.

Community Management and Engagement

Community management and engagement with your current and potential clients: replying to questions, comments, and providing gratitude to your existing followers. 

Paid Advertising Set Up and Optimization

Paid advertising set up and optimization on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and/or YouTube.

Social Media Audit

Social media audit and review with recommendations for you or us to implement with your existing social media marketing campaigns.


Our rate is $50 per hour. 

Before implementing any social media marketing services we’d love to chat with you to determine the goals for your business and how we can help. 

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