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Become known as an authority in your niche, drive consistent traffic to your site, and generate new leads for your business with our professional blog writing services. 

Blog content writing helps you build authority in your niche. 

When you started your website you had every intention of writing consistent blog posts. 

You know how great blog writing is for SEO, and for building authority for your small business, but after the first few posts you realized just how time consuming a task it is! 

So, it fell to the wayside. 

You just don’t have that time and/or know-how to write SEO friendly articles, or to make that a consistent part of your online marketing plan. 

Write Blog Posts for SEO

It’s true that SEO optimized articles on your blog are a great way to connect with your audience, and attract new visitors to your website. 

An SEO friendly blog provides a great way for website visitors to learn more about you and what your business provides. 

It gives space for you to shine as an expert in your niche, and attract the right people for your business. 

But… it is time consuming! 

That’s where we come in. 

SEO Blog Writing Services

Top of mind design has over a decade of experience writing well researched and engaging blog posts. 

Our SEO blog writing services will help your business: 

  • Increase online exposure, leads and sales. 
  • Become known as an authority in your field. 
  • And gain time back to run your business and serve your clientele. 

SEO friendly article writing is a way to exponentially grow traffic to your site and make you more of an authority with the search engines.  

SEO optimized writing attracts people in different stages of the buying journey, and helps to build trust that you know your stuff.   

We offer the following blog writing services:

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Blog Content Writing

Blog content writing that’s SEO optimized and in alignment with your voice and brand. 

SEO Optimization of Existing or New Blog Posts

SEO optimization of your existing or new blog posts to help to improve your positioning in the search engines. 

Blog Posting, Scheduling & Distribution

Blog posting and scheduling in WordPress to save you time and worry about getting consistent content out into the world. Blog distribution via social media channels to help drive additional traffic to your site, build community, and potential new leads for your business. 


Our rate is $50 per hour. 

Before implementing any blog writing services we’d love to chat with you to determine the goals for your site and how we can help. 

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