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Digital Marketing Strategy

A deep dive audit of your website and digital marketing initiatives that results in a strategic digital marketing plan designed for driven B2B businesses. 

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Plan

Tailored B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Plan to Drive High-Quality Leads

You want a steady stream of qualified B2B leads that can be converted into paying customers so that you can significantly grow business revenue and become leaders in your industry.

You want effective marketing strategies that are specifically tailored to support your business goals, to stay ahead of the competition, and achieve long-term scalable success that supports your business vision.

But more than anything else, you want to see a clear return on your investment in digital marketing and convert loyal customers who consistently return and advocate for your brand.

After 17+ years in the digital marketing space and working with many B2B companies, I feel like I already know you pretty well:

  • You struggle to consistently generate high-quality leads that are likely to convert into paying customers;
  • You struggle to build and maintain a strong online presence and brand visibility in your industry and as part of a competitive or crowded market, you’re not sure how to differentiate yourself;
  • Limited resources, like time, budget and expertise keep you and your team from effectively planning and executing comprehensive marketing strategies;
  • Without a clear strategy in place, you may be experiencing heightened stress and uncertainty about the future of your business;
  • And you have uncertainty about return on investment (ROI) from current or past marketing efforts and whether you’re gettin tangible results.

If this sounds like the story of your B2B business life, you’re in the right place.

In fact, this is the “before” story of practically every high performance business owner I’ve worked with.

As an entrepreneur myself, I get it, I really do.

New customer leads and customer retention are the lifeblood of a business and the success of digital marketing could very well impact the doors staying open.

Without a targeted digital marketing strategy, your business growth may plateau and limit the potential to expand and increase revenue.

You might be wasting your time with low-quality leads that convert into paying customers, wasting time and resources.

Entering the digital marketing space without a clear strategy is a surefire way to waste resources and miss valuable opportunities.

Aubree Deimler

Hi, I’m Aubree and I work with B2B companies like yours, who want to lead digital marketing efforts with strategic thinking and planning the results in more qualified leads, and long term, sustainable business growth. 

If you’re like a lot of business owners you may be focused solely on short-term results vs. long-term strategic planning, missing opportunities for sustained growth and brand development. 

Without a digital marketing strategy in place, you may be implementing “random acts of marketing” that produce erratic results and difficulty in building momentum.

You may lack an understanding of digital marketing concepts and metrics and may find it challenging to assess the effectiveness of campaigns or to make informed decisions.

Let’s not kid ourselves here – you and I both know these actions are not doing your business any favors!

A digital marketing strategy is necessary in order for you to get the results you desire.

When you truly understand the audience you are trying to reach and their needs, behaviors, and preferences then we can create tailored messages and campaigns that resonate and drive engagement.

With a strategy in place, you can allocate resources—including time, budget, and manpower—more effectively. This reduces waste and ensures that resources are invested in channels and tactics that yield the highest return on investment (ROI).

The missing piece of a clear and strategic B2B digital marketing strategy is essential because it provides direction, clarity, and efficiency in achieving desired outcomes, ultimately driving business success and competitiveness in the digital age.

Just Imagine…

  • Feeling more confident as you start to get more qualified leads in your inbox
  • Experiencing steady business growth and potential for expansion
  • Understanding key digital marketing metrics and seeing tangible improvements in ROI from marketing expenditures
  • Gaining a competitive edge, capturing marketing share and outperforming competitors
  • Reduced stress and uncertainty about the future of your business knowing you are equipped to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities

But you only get these kinds of results when you start with a B2B digital marketing plan and strategically invest in your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy Plan for B2B Business

A deep dive audit of your website and digital marketing initiatives that results in a 6-month strategic digital marketing plan designed for driven B2B businesses with no time to waste.

The digital marketing strategy plan starts with a 45-minute intro call designed to get to know your business and goals.

Following the initial call, we will dive deep into your website and digital marketing data over the next two weeks, so we both have an idea of what the current situation is, what the competitors are doing and where there are opportunities.

After the two week deep dive, the digital marketing strategy plan will be delivered in a presentation via Zoom and be accompanied by the slide deck / PDF presentation and supportive data docs so you understand the “why” behind the recommendations.

Digital Marketing Strategy Plan B2B

Here’s What’s Included in the Initial Four-Week Digital Marketing Strategy Services:

Comprehensive SEO Audit

  • Technical SEO Audit: A thorough review of the website’s technical aspects, including but not limited to site speed, mobile-friendliness, indexing, and crawlability.
  • On-site SEO Audit: Analysis of on-page elements such as meta tags, headings, content quality, and internal linking.
  • Local SEO Audit (if applicable): Review of current local situation and recommendations for optimization specifically designed to improve local search visibility.
  • Competitor SEO Audit (up to 6 competitors): Evaluation of competitors’ SEO strategies and performance metrics.

Sitemap with Recommended Page Architecture

Recommendations for improving the website’s structure to enhance user experience and SEO with targeted keywords for existing interior pages

Google Analytics Review and Set up

Configure Google Analytics tools to track website performance and user behavior

Google Ads Audit

Review current campaigns and provide recommendations for improvement.

Content / Messaging Review

To see where there is opportunity to revise and/or add new content to the site, review of CTA’s and user journey

Social Media Review

Review of the current social media pages, competitors and where there are opportunities

Digital Marketing Plan Roadmap

Outline of the strategic direction and actionable steps necessary to achieve your marketing goals.

You’ll Come Away With:

  • A clear understanding of your website’s current SEO situation from an onsite and technical standpoint and identification of opportunities to attract more targeted users from the search engines
  • A look at your website analytics and/or set up of Google Analytics along with tracking of key events to measure website conversions so you can see what content people are engaging with and where there’s opportunity to improve
  • A deep dive into your major competitors’ SEO situation and what’s working
  • Sitemap recommendations for SEO friendly site architecture and targeted keywords for existing interior pages
  • A six-month digital marketing strategy plan with clear action steps intended to get you to your digital marketing goals.


$2,200 per site

Aubree Deimler

Hi, I’m Aubree Deimler, founder of top of mind design

I’ve been in the digital marketing world for 17+ years and at one point in time I’ve touched most facets of digital marketing from SEO, Google Ads, social media, copywriting, blog writing, podcasting, self publishing and more. I bring a wealth of knowledge to every client engagement.

As a self-confessed Type A overachiever, I promise to work hard for you and your business, because your success is my success!

I’m an entrepreneur, as is my husband, so I’m well aware of the impacts of digital marketing and how it can change your life. It is rewarding to me to grow small businesses and see the ripple effect that has on so many lives.

I understand that digital marketing requires investment, and as a small business owner, I also understand how important it is to get a return on that. I’ve always been an advocate for quality over quantity and very targeted campaigns that reach your ideal customer.

I also get that it’s scary to invest in someone or something not knowing what will happen, and that nothing in life is guaranteed. At the end of the day we do our best, celebrate the wins and take lessons from the losses.

Combined Creativity with Data-Driven Insights

I take a holistic view of inbound digital marketing, integrating various channels and tactics from SEO and PPC to content marketing and social media. I cover all bases to deliver a comprehensive and strategic solution.

I leverage advanced analytics and data-driven insights to optimize campaigns continuously. This approach ensures that our digital marketing strategies are not only effective, but also adaptable to changing market dynamics and consumer behaviors.

My track record speaks for itself. I have consistently achieved measurable success for clients, helping them to achieve significant growth, increase leads, and enhance brand visibility in competitive markets.

I prioritize long-term partnerships with clients, fostering open communication and transparency throughout collaboration. From strategy development to campaign execution and performance reporting, I will keep you informed and involved every step of the way.

“Thank you so much for your dedication and incredible work you created for us. You are so valuable to the network.”

~ Nicole, Past Client

Digital Marketing Strategy Services

Get Started with a Tailored B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Imagine what your business could achieve with a strategic digital marketing partner by your side—increased leads, enhanced brand authority, and sustainable growth that propels you ahead of your competition.

At Top of Mind Design, we specialize in crafting personalized digital marketing strategies designed specifically for B2B innovators like you. Our approach is not just about delivering services; it’s about driving real, measurable results that transform businesses.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored Strategy. We understand that every B2B business is unique. That’s why we tailor strategies to fit your specific goals, challenges and market dynamics. Whether you’re looking to increase leads, expand market reach, or boost online visibility, our customized approach ensures your success.

Proven Success. With a track record of delivering tangible results for B2B clients across various industries, we have the expertise and experience to guide you towards achieving your business objectives. From startups to established enterprises, our strategies have consistently driven results and ROI.

Comprehensive Experience. We stay ahead of industry trends and technologies and combine creativity with data-driven insights to optimize your campaigns and maximize your digital marketing investment.

What We Offer

Multi-Channel Approach. We integrate SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media into cohesive campaigns that amplify your brand’s voice and attract your ideal audience.

Transparent Partnership. We believe in transparency and open communication. Throughout our partnership, you’ll receive regular updates, detailed analytics, and actionable insights to track progress and make informed decisions.

Take Action Today

Don’t let another day go by without taking the first step towards transforming your business. Invest in a tailored B2B digital marketing strategy and unlock your business’ full potential.

Together, we’ll create a roadmap to success, implement strategies that resonate with your audience, and achieve milestones that exceed your expectations.

digital marketing strategy services in Denver, CO

Schedule Your Consultation

Ready to elevate your business to new heights? Schedule a consultation today.

Let’s discuss your goals, assess your current marketing efforts, and outline a strategy that drives sustainable growth and profitability for your B2B enterprise.

Your success story starts here! Now’s the time to take the first step towards a brighter future for your business. Together, let’s make it happen.

All you need to do is show up, be willing to implement the recommendations provided and you’ll start to see results.

To guarantee that I provide the level of service required to help you create lasting transformation in your B2B business, I only have space now to take on two new clients. So, if this interests you, make sure to act now!

We’re a Good Fit If…

  • You are in the B2B space looking to invest in digital marketing
  • You are aware of the time successful digital marketing takes and are willing to invest now for longer term returns
  • You are responsive, engaged and interested in the success of your digital marketing
  • You are curious, willing to try new things and experiment
  • You realize that even a loss is a win, because you always learn something

We’re Not a Good Fit If…

  • You’re looking for a quick fix without the time investment digital marketing can take
  • You don’t have funds to invest in digital marketing
  • You don’t have time or resources to participate and engage in the process

Digital Marketing Strategy Plan FAQs

What is a digital marketing strategy plan?

A B2B digital marketing strategy plan is a comprehensive approach based on website data, competitor review and your business goals that outlines the tactics and methods to be used across digital channels to attract high-quality leads, enhance brand visibility, and drive sustainable growth.

How is your strategy plan different from others?
The digital marketing strategy plan you receive will meet the unique needs of your business. We focus on data-driven insights, multi-channel integration and continuous optimization to ensure maximum ROI and long-term success.
What tactics will be included in the strategy plan?
Our strategy plan includes SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media management, email marketing and analytics. We integrate these services into a cohesive plan to ensure consistent messaging and effective results.
How long does it take to see results?
While some tactics like PPC can generate quick wins, others like SEO and content marketing are long term investments. Typically, clients start seeing significant improvements in three to six months, with continued growth over time.
What kind of ROI can I expect?
ROI varies based on industry, competition and specific goals. However, our data-driven approach ensures that we constantly monitor and optimize your campaigns to maximize your return on investment.
How do you measure success?
Success is measured using key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored to your business goals. Common KPIs include lead generation, conversion rates, website traffic, engagement metrics and ROAS.
Can the strategy be adjusted if needed?

Absolutely. We believe in a flexible and adaptive approach. As we gather data and insights, we continuously refine and adjust your strategy to ensure it remains effective and aligned with your business objectives.

What is the cost of the digital marketing strategy plan?
The cost is $2,000 for the initial strategy plan per website.
How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your goals and current challenges. We will then create a tailored digital marketing strategy plan designed to drive your business forward.

Why should I invest in a digital marketing strategy now?
Investing in a digital marketing strategy now positions your business for long-term success. With the rapid evolution of digital trends, a proactive approach ensures you stay ahead of the competition, adapt to market changes, and continuously engage your target audience so you stay top of mind.

Why Wait?

Don’t let the challenges and uncertainties of digital marketing hold you back any longer. We are ready to partner with you to provide the expertise, insights, and strategic guidance needed to achieve your business objectives.